Wings for Audrey Lecture & Research Program will not be possible without generous contributions from donors like those listed below. Each of you has given wings to a story of a little girl who changed lives and your gifts will in turn change the lives of future babies.
Have you made a donation but do not see your name? We receive an updated list at the end of each week. If it has been longer than 7 days since your contribution was made and you do not see your name, please email 
In Alphabetical Order


Mr. and Mrs. Walter Adams
Shea Adamson
Paul & Leigh Ann Albers
Aspen Coffee of Edmond
Laura Aufleger
Matthew & Mary Kathryn Austin


Molly Baker
Bob Barnes
Elizabeth Bartels
Mr. and Mrs. John Bauman
Tessa Beaulieu
Bedlam Bar-B-Q of Oklahoma City
Faizah Bhatti 
Nicole Blad
Blo-Out Bar of Oklahoma City
BLU Coffee
Evelyn Bollenbach
Tammy Bollenbach
Janet Braun
Robert & Deborah Breedlove
Mr. and Mrs. David Brown
Kimberly Brozovich
Mr. and Mrs. Michael O. Brown
Shelley K. Budke
Cathy Burks
Laura Burlace


Ashley Carter
Chi Omega Sorority (Tau Beta Chapter)
David & Misty Clark
Robin Clinton
Joshua Coats
Sandy Cohlmia
Amber Hentges Coker
Collected Thread
Levonn Collins
Craig & Betsy Cooper
Lee & Gay Cooper
Christopher and Holly Corbin
Megan Crow
Cuppies & Joe


Mr. and Mrs. James Davis  
Alyson Dawson
Jake & Charissa Dearmon
Ellen Dicks
Nancy Dukes  
Ryan & Katie Duncan


Phylis Ficks
Kaylyn Flesher
Christine Foster
Kristian Foster
Steve & Laura Franklin


Amy Ebert – White Rock Paddle Co.
Jason Ebert
Justin & Debbie Ebert
Mark & Renee Ebert
Mike & Carol Ebert
Holly Edwards


Charles & Julie Garver
Susan Givens – KEEP Collective
The Goddard School of Edmond (Western)
Eric & Sarah Grote
Wayne & Sharon Greathouse
Andrea Greer  
Susan Griffith


Rusty & Dru Halverson  
Meredith Hamilton
Sally Harris
Tanner & Krystal Hays
Debbi Hernandez
Gary & Sally Herrington
Edward Heske
Chad & Ashlin Hetrick
Chuck & MaryBeth Hetrick
Clinton & Karen Hetrick
Bobby & Beverly Hill   
Erin Holloman
Chaney Horn
HOPE Shirt Purchasers
Marshal & Susan Horton


Angela Inglish


John Jaco
William & Linda Jaco
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Jackson, Jr
Jackson Diamond Jewelers of Stillwater
Jameson Group, LLC
Brett & Amy Jameson
John & Cathy Jameson
Johnnie’s Charcoal Broiler
Scott & Cynthia Johnson
Kimberly Jenkins
Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan Jenks
Junk in the Trunk Boutique


Bryan & Ashlie Karns
Christopher & Corynn Key
Kendra Scott Jewelry – Oklahoma City Location
Allison Keys
Susanne Kimball
Mr. and Mrs. Klane Kirby  
Kismet Flowers LLC
Stephen Kistler
Angeline & Amy Koh
Dr. John Koprowski


Eileen Lacey
Bill & Barbara Lane
Danyelle Lee
Chip & Mary Leslie
Chris & Rachel Leslie
Terry Linton
Jacque Lochmiller
Joyce Logan
Richmond & Elizabeth Logan


Mac & Shannon Maddox
Sam & Rachel Martin
John & Vicki Mavros  
Ryan & Sarah McGovern
Marcia & John McWilliams
Heather Meadows
Stephanie Meeks
Nancy Miller    
John & Carrie Mills
Tom & Kay Moll
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Montoya
Dan & Annie Morris
Meagan Moses
Elizabeth Murray
Ashley Myers


Cassie Niemann
Kelsey Nuckolls


ORTHO OKLAHOMA Physicians, Team & Family
Gary & Marcia O’Hagan
Kathleen O’Donnell  


Mark and Shayna Paden
Craig & Amy Parrish  
Kent & Joy Peach
Perinatal Center of Oklahoma
Stephanie Powell


Jennifer Quan


Kevin and Kathy Reeder
Tiah Reppas
Lynda Reynolds
William & Mollie Reynolds
Tommy & Priscilla Ringo
Rob & Amy Roff
Phil & Bonnie Russell


Clayton & Lauren Sargeant
Jason Satwalekar  
Patricia Scharf    
Nathaniel & Whitney Scoles
Chris & Michelle Sells
Jeff Shannon
Les & Sara Sheets
Danielle Shreve
Jason & Katie Smith
Chase & Emily Spivey
Arron & Sara Southerland
Becky Speer  
Robyn Stanley
Eunice Stanton
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Stewart
Jennifer Stewart
Stillwater Medical Center Authority
Cody & Allison Stites
Mr. and Mrs. William Stone


Larry & Carline Talent
Amber Tatro
Zachary & Kelli Thompson
Christina Treat
Steve & Teresa Truong


Christopher & Andrea Walker
Ann Watkins
Jess & Carrie Webber
Bruce & Jill Webber
Ryan & Jody Webber
West Restaurant
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Wilhm
Benjamin & Patricia Williams  
Brad & Valerie Williams
Trisha Wiscombe
Whatcha Cookin’ Alice – Jennifer McGrath


Michael & Carolyn Yancey
Michael & Denese Yancey 


 ZuZu’s Petals

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