Wings for Audrey

GOAL: $100,000  |  AMOUNT RAISED: $100,075 (as of 6/14/2016)

At 19 weeks of gestation, it was discovered that Audrey Claire Leslie had Tetralogy of Fallot of the heart and Dandy Walker Malformation of the brain.  As time went on, it was apparent that she also had severe Intrauterine Growth Restriction. It was unknown if Audrey would survive to birth, yet she did. Audrey was born a fighter on May 27, 2014. She lived despite the odds. At four weeks of age, Audrey underwent emergency open-heart surgery under the able hands of Dr. Harold Burkhart at Children’s Hospital. Audrey’s heart condition was quite rare. She not only suffered from Tetralogy of Fallot but also experienced Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Return. In total, Audrey fought for 81 miraculous days.

On August 16, 2014, she passed away in the loving arms of her parents and family, surrounded by a team of caring healthcare professionals at Children’s Hospital.

Audrey found her way into the hearts of many.  Her strength and will to live continue to be an inspiration.  Together, we have the unique opportunity…better yet, the challenge, to bring this vision to life through…


Wings for Audrey is an endowment to bring experts in the fields of neonatology, pediactric cardiology and cardiovascular surgery, and congenital neurologic anomalies to Children’s Hospital for lectures, ongoing research, and information exchange. Your contribution will give Audrey’s story “wings” to enhance forever the care and outcomes of babies in need of advanced medical knowledge in areas where little current insight is available.

This is how her story lives on…not just for a year or two, but forever.

We are working directly with the Children’s Hospital Foundation to develop a self-sustaining endowment. We have pledged to raise $100,000 to permit a yearly lecture program, specifically on neonatology and cardiovascular surgery and to foster change among doctors on the cutting edge from around the world. We cannot think of a better way for Audrey’s story to live on by inspiring doctors to be better, to do more, to work together, and to think outside the box!

Several of the physicians currently at OU Children’s have come as a result of their own visit to the hospital for a program like this, and this happens in both directions. The children of Oklahoma are in incredible hands with these people, a program like this can play a role in recruiting even more talented and dedicated doctors. Exchange among doctors will help children everywhere!

Will you help us help future babies and children live longer, healthier lives? What if a lecture program like this, allowing exchange of cutting edge information among the best of the best, would have given us even one more day with our girl? What if…

Share this with your family and friends and share this on social media, with heartfelt hopes that Audrey’s story continues to inspire future caregivers and to answer prayers of parents.

Together, we can make sure that Audrey’s 81 earthly days mean many more days for many more.

Click HERE to donate.


3 thoughts on “Wings for Audrey

  1. I can’t wait to see what you do with this! I see you shooting for the stars and going above them. Tshirt designs, all your graphic talent I can’t wait to see all the cool fundraising stuff you come up with! Please let me know what I can do to help in ANY way!

  2. I hope everyone remembers how much this little girl meant to her family and all who met her, and contributes however large or small to her “wings”. Thank you Rachel and Chris for creating such a miracle, and thank you Cooper for being a super hero big brother. ❤

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