Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Sleep In Heavenly Peace

Written with love for Audrey, and all the other littles spending their Christmas in Heaven…

Merry Christmas to you, my darling, my dear,
Are angels singing sweetly in your ear?
All beautifully white with shimmers of gold,
Does laughter surround you with many hands to hold?
Under the tree they sit, packages tied perfect with bows,
How deeply I ache for one with your name, God only knows.
Memories of your fateful day play on and on,
But we know it is always darkest before the dawn.
Christmas in Heaven, ’tis your gift this year,
Eternal life of light and love with never a tear.
We’re broken here without you, a million tiny pieces and never quite the same,
Our lives incomplete, our eyes misty, our lips sweetly cherishing your name.
During the days we feel lowly and down we must choose to rise,
To the Heavens above us, this is where we focus our wandering eyes.
Praise be to Him for your story, for your song,
You’ve been made perfect, in His presence you belong.
Sing and play, jump and laugh, twirl and dance as Heaven’s bells ring,
Fly high with that sparkle in your eye as you glance at each earned wing.
You are forever ours and eternally His, in this Kingdom your days never cease,
Sweet kisses to you and may you always sleep in Heavenly peace.
Her Handprint

4 thoughts on “Sleep in Heavenly Peace

  1. So sweetly put. We love you guys and miss her deeply, and yes to be in His presence this day is truly beautiful. Have a merry Christmas friends

  2. You are amazing Rach! Forever in awe of your strength, faith, and love! Thinking of you and your sweet familyand sweet baby Audrey shining down from Heaven! Love you!

  3. Absolutely beautiful, Rachel. I pray you find peace in knowing sweet Audrey is having a wonderful Christmas snuggling and smiling with our Heavenly Father. Sending my love on this glorious but difficult day.

  4. Thinking about all of you and wanted to send you this very true and sweet verse. “Because someone we love is in heaven there is a little bit of heaven in our hearts.”

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