To The Anonymous Giver

Dear Anonymous Giver,

Yesterday we received a gift. A gift with no “card attached”. A gift given without needing thanks.

We were informed by Smith & Kernke Funeral Home that you, whoever you are, covered the expense of their fee.

You asked them to keep your name private, and unfortunately for Chris and I, they are keeping their promise. They won’t budge, they won’t cave.

While feeling undeserving of your generosity, we are once again reminded and keenly aware of the goodness of people. What is it about Audrey’s story that urged you to do this?  Some day, some how, tell us…okay? Tell us who you are so we can know how Audrey impacted your life.

May you be blessed for your thoughtfulness and generosity. Since we cannot pay you back, we will pay it forward.

This also goes for everyone who has written letters, sent flowers and yummy treats, provided meals, used talents, scarified time and resources, composed texts and so much more. Our parents and families, our dear and closest friends, prayer warriors, our employers and people we don’t even know…yet. We are literally heavy with gratitude for your gifts.

So to you, anonymous giver and all who might read this…challenge accepted. Game on. Know that we thank you. We appreciate you…and now, we commit to a game of Pay It Forward.

Some have asked if we would share the video from Audrey’s service…yes, it is the least we can do.

Click the following link or on the video below:

One more thing…on Saturday, October 11th, Stillwater will have it’s very first Color Run/Walk. While I’ve not participated in one myself, I will tie the laces of my tennis shoes and run for Audrey. Several weeks before she passed away, my dad informed me of an opportunity to be a sponsor of the event. Audrey’s Story will be shared through this sponsorship, also by those who participate. It is the Color of Hope 5k Run/Walk put on by Stillwater Life Services on October 11th at 8am around Boomer Lake. SLS is a wonderful organization committed to hope and healing to the women, men and their families that they serve. My dad and I see a great need for those experiencing pregnancy with high risk, complications and unknown outcomes. The medical side can only go so far. Where do we turn when we learn our baby is sick? Who do we talk to when we are faced with tough decisions and unbearable pain? Wouldn’t it be amazing if mama’s, couples and families going through such difficulty could find encouragement and understanding from those who have had similar experiences? I know some incredible people with inspirational stories to share that I know would bring comfort to many. How do we connect those in need with those wanting to help? I’m not sure, but I want to help make the connection. I want to pay it forward. I have to believe it is organizations like SLS that might be able help. So, I plan to support them by registering for the Color of Hope Run. Chris and I, along with our parents and families will be there…some might say with “bells on” but I’m thinking I’ll run with a pair of bunny ears adorning my head.

Love & Hugs,





8 thoughts on “To The Anonymous Giver

  1. Amazing video. Cried the entire time! Thank you for sharing such intimate moments! We will never ever forget! Xoxoxo Amber

  2. Rachel, if I’m not working that Saturday
    I will be there!! With bunny ears on 🐰🐰
    ( if I can find some… Do you have any idea
    Where online I might find some??) I told you
    I made Audrey a pink & white blanket, so
    I will give that to Paw Paw Mark to give to
    you. Cooper might like to snuggle with it
    when he’s thinking of baby sister? I loved
    Audrey’s Celebration! Especially the music
    & the balloons🎈🎈🎈… Luv, Hugs, & Prayers

  3. Rachel, thank you for sharing such intimate and private moments. I could not be there for you, but you were and are always on my mind. I love you, Roomie!

  4. Rachel, You asked the question,what inspired someone to do something like that?My guess is its in that video. Images of pure love, hope, and faith. Your family is sooooo special and tender. You and Chris’ strength is the definition of inspirational. The bravery and courage of you and the people close to you (and that very much includes Audrey) is what is inspirational. Your wound is still so fresh and all you can think about is “paying it forward”. You …Rachel, Chris and Cooper ….are inspirational.

  5. On behalf of our family, we are humbled by the compassionate generosity, of self & time & gifts (cards, calls, notes, texts, food, flowers, babysitting, housing, financial, clothing & special items we got to use for Audrey), etc. etc. etc……..
    So much, so many………. kinds of love-gifts given………acts of kindness shared…….
    ALL priceless acts of love received; ALL beautiful examples of tender loving care, extended to our family.

    We thank God for each & every one of you, & each & every known & unknown thing you have done for us, in Audrey’s behalf.
    May you be wonderfully blessed, because of the huge blessing you are to us.

    With deep gratitude & warm hugs,

  6. We’d give you the world, if only we could. You all are so easy to love and pray for. You are an inspiration to us all, by showing us the true meaning of God’s love. We think of you in every moment of every day. Thank you for sharing the video of your very precious moments with Audrey. So many tears. We love you. xo

  7. Thank you Rachel for sharing this with the world. She touches my heart everyday. You and your family are incredible. God has such a sweet baby girl next to him.

  8. Rachel, I am so sorry for your loss! I have been balling reading your blog, I didn’t know until Cathy posted something about the memorial. Thank you for sharing your journey and we will keep you all in our prayers.

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