Well Done, Little One

She served great purpose. And what was confirmed today? She will continue to have purpose for years to come.

Today, we were surrounded and embraced by many family members, friends old and new, prayer warriors, nurses , doctors, friends of friends, colleagues, teachers and so many more important people.

Thank you for being there. You honored us and we are deeply grateful. You took off work, you found babysitters, you drove for hours, you made connecting flights, you cancelled events and you showed up when we needed you most. You filled the room with a sea of pink and white. You were heartbroken with us yet you celebrated with us.

We sent up 81 balloons for 81 days to Heaven. As we watched them go on this beautiful day, I felt a slight twinge. The balloons each shrank smaller and smaller as they rose, eventually becoming difficult to see. My hope and my prayer is that her story won’t float into the distance or fade in time, but instead that it will shine brightly each day.

I have been thinking a lot about what it must be like for her right now. I believe in Heaven. I don’t understand how one would survive the roller coaster we’ve been riding without having faith and believing in something bigger. All I want is a glimpse of her. I want to somehow see that she is okay.

And then I stop. I think…isn’t that the underlying theme of her life? So much has been unseen and unsure. In this, I must be patient. Someday, I will see her again. I will know how well taken care of she has been. Until then, I trust.

As Trisha said today during the service, as she flew to Heaven, God likely opened his arms wide to welcome her and simply said, “Well done, little one”.

Well done, little one.

In addition to those who attended today and gifted us with your presence, I will never find appropriate words to express how incredibly moved both Chris and I are by those who helped make the celebration happen. Many of you helped in ways we’re not even aware of yet. Anonymous gifts were given and I do hope you will reveal yourselves to allow us to say thank you. Simply put, we are overwhelmed by the generosity of so many people. Perhaps I overuse it, but no other term quite does the trick…so, thank you.

Her story will continue. It must. Perhaps one night I’ll get to see her in a dream, so I will write. Some day I may be broken and will need encouragement, so I will write. I will write because it is what I do for her. It always has been. Letters to Audrey are how I will keep her story alive…I have received so many touching letters to her from all over. I plan to share them, only with permission, but I can’t wait for each of you warriors to read how she changed lives.

As I lay my head to rest after this glorious day, my feet aching and my heart full, I close my eyes. For a moment I can almost smell her and feel her in my arms.

Many special people in my life celebrated birthdays today, one of those, my late grandmother Carolee Ebert. I sure hope those balloons made it all the way to Heaven and she celebrated her birthday while rocking her great-granddaughter in her arms.

Happy birthday, Grandma. Keep our baby safe until we are there with you.

Happiest of birthday wishes also go out to Gentry Ebert, Betsy Cooper and Jessica Morrow, love to each of you on your special day.

Love & hugs,


11 thoughts on “Well Done, Little One

  1. Thanks for letting us be a part of the very special 81 days of Audrey’s life! I’ve always thought that to share your pain with others is the only way to diminish your own. We hope your little family is lifted up by all those who supported you in prayer. We will continue to pray for you…your little angel is fine now! Ann & Eddie

  2. Well done precious mom, dad & big brother. Audrey bunny could not have been loved any more during her 81 days in her earthly home with her loving family and friends. I know she felt every ounce of it. Our Lord chose you to be her parents and sibling for the love, strength, mercy and understanding He created in you for your precious Audrey. She will never leave you. Her amazing spirit along with her Father in Heaven will fill you each and every day. Love you all so much! Sherry, Travis and Cassie

  3. Yes, well done little one. And, very well done mommy and daddy and Cooper. Thank you for choosing life and love. Thank you and thank God for the gift of Audrey Claire. She will live on.

  4. Rachel Chris and Cooper. What a beautiful and comforting service! Coopers song and prayer along with the children’s performance and balloon release were especially touching! We love you guys!

  5. Little A-Bunny Bug…on rising balloons and eagles’ wings, and at play with Grannie and Papa and many, so loved, gone before. Such a perfect Celebration on a bright sunny day!
    Love, PapaNeen and Grammie

  6. You’ve been heavy on my heart this week as you celebrate the precious life of your precious girl. She will live on and on, forever, in the hearts of many. So much love to each of you. xo

  7. I am eternally grateful to God, for the beautiful gift of Audrey, & His giving us 81 days on earth with her to love, with every ounce we had to give, emotionally & physically as we could.

    I praise Him, because I know our connection & deep love for Audrey will never die, because of Him, because of His promises.

    May His truth, His light, & His love, be more present, burn brighter, & fill our hearts to overflowing, because of having this journey with Audrey.
    I will love her…………Always & Forever,

  8. Audrey’s story has touched me, like so many others. I’ve shed many tears while reading words you so eloquently and transparently shared. Thank you.

    Audrey, you are loved here on earth and in heaven. Blessings, sweet little child of God.

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