You’ve Opened My Eyes…

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18 thoughts on “You’ve Opened My Eyes…

  1. I loved every second of this video! Seeing her heart literally beat, brought tears to my eyes. Her journey has been tiresome, but her strength (and yours) through it all is awe-inspiring. Love you all. We continue to pray each and everyday for you!

  2. The memories of where we’ve been, the feelings evoked, the pangs of my heart, the deep gratefulness for healing & for progress….. all this & so much more you have captured with this amazing video story, which you & Chris have chosen to share today. I am reminded of the greatness & goodness of Gods hand & guiding in all of this! May He continue to sustain, to provide endurance, & to give peace & hope in His perfect timiing.

    I thank God for each & every wonderful person who has, is, & will, work as part of the health care team for Audreys healing; may you be blessed because of the very special work that you choose to do on this earth.

  3. Awe Rachel, she is so precious. You are amazing and I have been thinking about you and your family very often. Thank you for be such a strong and inspiring person. Hugs to you and Audrey! (and your boys too 🙂

  4. Rachel…This video brought me to my knees. It is amazing and what an incredibly strong baby girl! Her precious little smile and the joy in your faces, as you love on her are simply stunning. Thank you for sharing this journey. Prayers continue and miracles abound.

  5. Rachel I find myself checking my email daily just to see if there is an update on little Audrey. Witnessing your family’s faith and strength has been so inspiring. I thank you for sharing Audrey’s journey with us and what a journey she has had so far. I pray everyday that Audrey continues her fight and gets to come home with her family that so dearly loves her. This video was so touching and beautiful.

  6. I was lucky enough to visit Audrey Claire this past Monday. She’s everything and more that you have been writing…..strong, beautiful, an incredible little girl! Thanks for sharing your journey, our daily (if not hourly) thoughts and prayers are with your entire family. Hugs from Minnesota

  7. Thank you for sharing your precious Audrey’s journey with us. 🙂 Her life is greatly impacting my life, as well as so many others! We will continue to pray strength and peace as you fight “battle fatigue.” Much love and many hugs!

  8. Wow….Seeing that tiny little heart beat just brings tears to me. She have traveled a long journey in her little time. The strong beat of her hear shows that she is a fighter. I will continue to pray for strength, peace and healing.

  9. Rach, what can I say. You and your entire family are amazing. One of these days soon, I will meet Audrey and I cannot wait. She is an awe inspiring little girl with a very special family. Missed you last week while in Oklahoma. Love you and think of you constantly.

  10. This is so amazing and inspiring .
    It brings tears to our eyes . Audrey is
    Teaching us so much . And so are you and Chris . I don’t think we know many people
    Who handle a difficult situation with as much
    Love , grace and kindness as you and Chris
    Do. And Cooper just is the best big
    brother ever ! Audrey is such a beautiful
    Little girl. She has conquered so much already
    And we know she will continue to do so .
    Jacquie and Antoinette

  11. Dearest Rachel, We have been so humbled by everything that you have had to endure, we are amazed by your strength and encouraged by your courage and bravery. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings with us, that takes deep strength in itself. I have always admired you and Chris s relationship and this is what is going to be highlighted with Audrey s life — your love and dedication to each other and to Cooper and to your family is extraordinary. Whenever I have been having a bad day, I think of how much you both are having to endure and how strong and brave you both are…. and Cooper how strong he is being for you both. That shows how much love you have put into him ….. Audrey is beautiful and she is a gift from God, every breath she takes now is a reminder that normal breathing that we all do on our own is a blessing and should not be taken for granted. Everything about her is a miracle,

  12. Chris, you are my only brother, and I am the proudest Aunt in the entire world!! Audrey Claire you can do it!!!!! We all believe in you so much!! You will be able to take a bottle so soon and it will amaze us all as has everything else in your life so far, we love you with all of our hearts always

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