She’s Due.

Dear Audrey,
Today you are due. June 22, 2014.

It is an amazing journey you have been on in your almost four weeks of life so far, and to think so many babies would have still been in their mommy’s belly until now.

But not you, sweet one. I’m sorry we took you out of the warmth and comfort of the womb but we needed to help you grow, to help you thrive.

You have overcome so much, leaped over hurdles and proved that miracles do exist.

Right now, as I hold your tiny body, all 5 pounds of you, I feel full. Of so much. Mostly peace and appreciation. I want you home so badly it hurts. But I relish in these moments where my only job is to hold you close, watch you breath and feel your heart beat. There is no pressure of laundry here in the NICU, no chores for me to do. It truly is a blessing to have this time just to immerse myself in you…with you.

And as I hold you, in the still and quiet of the hospital walls…my thoughts drift to a family heavy on our hearts today. A little guy, named Shepherd, had a pool accident last night and is literally fighting for his life at this very moment.

And so I pray for him. For his family. Because right now, hope is not a strategy…he needs a miracle, one that I believe comes from prayer, from something…someone bigger than all of us. I believe God hears prayers and grants miracles. This 3-year-old, who some day I hope you will meet and play with, is being lifted up by hundreds just like people have prayed for you, my darling. Now it is our turn. Now we pray for little Shep…

Audrey bunny, I am reminded once again today how precious life is. How short it is. How puzzling it can be. But also how wonderful it is. How blessed we are. Thank you for reminding us of so many lessons.

Grow, little one, eat and breathe. Come home to us. We’re incomplete without you. Defy odds.

“I have heard it said that people come into our lives for a reason, bringing something we must learn and we are led to those who help us grow if we let them…”

You have certainly changed me for good. For always.

We’ll wait for you. Anticipate and celebrate your milestones. And soon enough, little lady, soon enough you will be able to live outside this hospital.

We love you baby Audrey.

Mommy, Daddy & Coop




5 thoughts on “She’s Due.

  1. Beautiful pics! Love that baby girl, and I can’t wait to come see her again. Praying for her as always. Praying for that precious Shepherd as well. Love you, Leslies!

  2. What a precious family you have. Keeping everyone on our prayers, and now praying for Shepard and his family too🙏

  3. I know exactly why Audrey Claire Leslie is here~ no question. Continued prayers for Audrey, her big brother Cooper, and her Mommy & Daddy. Many prayers for the miracle Shepard needs and strength for his family~ peace to all, Cynthia

  4. Wow Rachel and Chris I can’t believe how much she’s grown since I saw her!! Grow Audrey grow!! And yes God does hear our prayers and grants miracles. Audrey is proof of that for sure! So sorry to hear about your friend and have already added him prayers!

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