One Week Old: The Fighter

Leslie Family Audrey Held
Happy One Week, Audrey girl!  As we all look back on the week and on the days and weeks preceding it, there is no doubt that this girl is a FIGHTER!  Against all odds, she is with us and she is making strides of progress, little by little.  One week old!!  We continue to be amazed and deeply touched by this incredible baby.

I am updating tonight for the Leslie family so that they can continue to focus on their family – which is a constant motion of back and forth between home and hospital.  Trying to fulfill the needs of both children, work, personal care…it all seems so overwhelming to me yet Chris and Rachel are handling it all with true strength and grace.

Holding Audrey has been such an answer to prayers for Rachel & Chris.  To connect with her in such a way is truly a blessing for them.  You can tell by the peaceful looks on their faces in these photos.  To hold the child you love, there is no better medicine to get you through.  Cooper is the proudest big brother – marching through the hospital in super hero costumes, joyfully celebrating his little sister and lifting the spirits of a room just by being his happy, innocent little self!

The early rounds of genetic tests came back today – the FISH analysis (fluorescent in situ hybridization) – and they came back negative.  Now, they wait for the more thorough tests for more information – the ones that won’t be back for one to two weeks.  Good news is, so far genetic tests are negative.  The challenge, still waiting for more results and still no answers to Audrey’s challenges.  It really is a waiting game right now.  Audrey is still probably a week away from being able to have an MRI to get a clearer view of what is going on in her brain.  She is also probably another week away before her breathing is strong enough to have the vent removed that is helping her right now.  She is taking more and more milk every day and is still doing well with digesting it.  She needs to be taking about twice as much as she is now so that more tubes can be removed.  She is making strides, but the journey is long.

Can I just say how amazing this precious baby is?  She is such a miracle against all odds!  She continues to be a puzzle that the doctors seem to be unable to piece together and yet, she fights.

Here is where we need to focus our prayers next, prayer warriors:  The vent.  She needs to get off the vent.  Only then can she get the MRI she needs.  Only then can being fed by a bottle even be considered a possibility.  We also need to pray about her milk consumption.  She needs to be taking in twice as much as she is now.  Only then can the tubes that provide her extra nourishment be removed.

Rachel & AudreyTalking with Rachel today, she is truly trying to take this all on a day to day basis – to walk in true faith that the next step will show itself when needed.  It made me think of a particular biblical verse,  2 Corinthians 4:18:

“So we don’t look at the troubles we can see now; rather, we fix our gaze on the things that cannot be seen.  For the things we see now will soon be gone, but the things we cannot see will last forever.”

Pray for Audrey’s breathing and eating.  But also, please pray for Chris & Rachel – that they would have the endurance to continue on the path in true faith, patience for living in the unknown, peace for the precious moments and opportunities to smile and celebrate silver linings in the midst of the storm.  That their faith and love gives them the strength they need – that they can fix their gaze upon what they cannot see and fight the good fight with their daughter.

We love you Chris, Rachel, Cooper & beautiful Audrey!




4 thoughts on “One Week Old: The Fighter

  1. Thank you Carrie for standing in the gap for the Leslie family. Your update is spot on and poignant in emotion and content. Little special Audrey has captured us and touched our souls. Love has many facets. How can she do this to us? I think she is the reflection of a loving God that plants in each of us a place in our hearts that we never knew existed. We love you baby Audrey, please keep fighting. We long to feel you embrace.

  2. Science can’t explain a sincere walk of faith by putting everything in Gods hands. And, that truly is what we have here!

  3. Rachel, You asked that Audrey be “clear” with you and I think she is doing just that. She chose you and Chrissy to be her parents and she is being pretty “clear” about fighting the fight as to stay with her chosen Mommy, Daddy, and little bro’, Cooper. Keep up the fight wee one~ we are all pulling for you. Love from Minnesota, Cynthia & Scottie

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