Good Night, Sweet Audrey: Audrey’s 2nd Day

Good night, sweet Audrey.  Day 2 has come and gone and you did so well!  Daily updates could easily be more than once a day because Chris & Rachel find out something new about Audrey or experience something new themselves practically every hour right now as they still swim through the first days of Audrey’s life.

Today was a good day as a whole. Audrey rested well this morning and continued to do well throughout the day. Yesterday’s attempts at the PICC line were very stressful on her so it was good for her to have a stable day to recover. More good news is that this evening she was actually able to have some of Rachel’s milk fed to her through her feeding line! This is a great next step for her and it made Rachel very happy.

Rachel had a pretty uncomfortable morning. She experienced some significant pain from her surgeries (c-section & having her stents removed) and that forced her to take it as easy as possible this morning so that the medicine could help relieve some of that pain. Not easy when all she wants to do is be in NICU with Audrey.

The NICU at Mercy is really quite amazing. They are so accommodating to the families of the babies. Rachel & Chris can go see Audrey at any time! No set “visiting hours”. Isn’t that wonderful for the parents and the babies? When they are with Audrey, they are welcome to touch her in her incubator, talk to her, sing to her, etc. There are also three times a day they call “touch times” where Rachel and Chris can assist in taking Audrey’s temperature, changing her diaper and checking on other various needs. Here is Chris this morning during a touch time with Audrey, taking her temperature:

Chris & Audrey


Cooper has been able to go to NICU when he visits the hospital and has met Audrey and touched her.  He is a very proud big brother!  Audrey’s grandparents are regular visitors as well as others that have accompanied Chris or Rachel on occasion.  Audrey knows that she is loved!

Audrey has taken to a pacifier which is another good step.  That and her being able to be fed Rachel’s milk are, in my opinion, little joys to celebrate with Chris and Rachel.  She is a fighter!  The nurses love her and are caring for her in a way that every parent would hope for.  There is great confidence that everything is being done that is possible for Audrey at this time.

As for Audrey’s condition, still much left to be known.  For now, it is one day at a time – celebrating day #2, the little precious moments with her and trying to emotionally embrace the slow path to learning more.

Tonight is Rachel’s last night in the hospital.  There is great anxiety about leaving the hospital because Audrey will obviously have to stay.  Pray for Chris and Rachel as they prepare their hearts for this.  Pray that Audrey’s veins recover and are able to accept the PICC line on the next attempt – this is what will make it possible for her to be held as was mentioned in yesterday’s post.  Pray for Rachel’s recovery as well that she becomes more and more comfortable so that she is able to give her all to Audrey and to Cooper in the days to come.

What an amazing family they are.  They will need encouragement to keep up their endurance through the days to come.  I know that as their friends and family we can help them stay the course.  Prayers for Audrey and prayers for Chris, Rachel & Cooper!



7 thoughts on “Good Night, Sweet Audrey: Audrey’s 2nd Day

  1. Our hearts and prayers are with the Leslie family. Audrey is such a beautiful little angel that we are so fortunate to welcome into this world. The entire “compound” community is watching intently and cannot wait until everyone is home together. Please know that if there is *anything* that we can do to help out, you just need to send word and we’ll be there. We love you all very much!

  2. Thank you so much Carrie, you are doing a beautiful job conveying a lot of what is going on with “Team Leslie”, these days!! What you are doing, is truly a priceless gift for our family, especially Rach & Chris!! The selfless investment of your time & heart, being our “voice”, sharing the present blessings & challenges on this road we are traveling, we are eternally grateful for the “earthly angel” you are for us!! Love you, sweet Carrie!!

  3. Our hearts, prayers and thoughts continue to go out to Rach, Audrey, Chris and Cooper. They are truly amazing and every day brings another miracle and reason to celebrate.

    Carrie you are much appreciated for keeping all of Rachel’s loving family and friends abreast of all that is happening.

    Prayers continue!

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