Audrey Claire Leslie

Audrey Claire Leslie

Audrey Claire Leslie


Welcome to the world, Audrey Claire.

Audrey was delivered by c-section this afternoon, weighing 4 pounds, 3 ounces! She is now in NICU stable and in the care of the physicians and nurses at Mercy . The c-section took longer than usual, considering Audrey’s breech positioning among other elements of care that had to be taken in this delivery, so Rachel had more medication for her pain and she is sleeping and recovering now in her room.

I know you have many questions. Is Audrey OK? What is her status? What happens now?  Unfortunately my knowledge of the details is vague.  But I know that Rachel is OK and Audrey is with us and she is beautiful. Ten little fingers.  Ten little toes.

This day. This day of emotions that run the spectrum. Of praying fervently for miracles. Of waiting nervously for what is to come. Of thanking God for small miracles.

Today we celebrate small miracles. Answers to the smallest of prayers. Rachel wanted so badly to be able to see Audrey before she left for NICU. She wanted family and friends to be able to meet Audrey and for Audrey to meet them. Both of those miracles happened today. Rachel was able to see her and to kiss her before Audrey left. The large group of family and friends that waited outside to hear news were blessed with the chance to see Audrey from the doorway before she went on the elevator to NICU.

Audrey is here with us.

Rachel is doing OK and recovering.

Today we will celebrate the small miracles and welcome with love precious Audrey.

Pray for Rachel, Chris, Cooper & Audrey. They need them now and in the days, weeks, months to come. Now is the time for big prayers, small miracles and your continued outpouring of love.

I will post again soon once I have more to share. – Carrie




11 thoughts on “Audrey Claire Leslie

  1. I lit a candle when I returned home this afternoon, awaiting word from my brother Chip, Audrey’s grandfather, Chris’s Dad~ it came. Congratulations on the birth of your beloved daughter, Chrissy (Grannie would like that), Rachel and Cooper! Our prayers will not let up. God is good and he has given you strength and hope. You have seen your baby girl and she is beautiful. God Bless each of you, the doctor’s and nurses caring for Rachel and Audrey, and bless your friends and family meeting your every need~ Love from Minnesota~ Great Aunt Cynthia and Great Uncle Woody~

  2. Thank you God for this blessing! Thank you so much for sharing this post. I’m so thankful to see this beautiful Mommy with her baby girl! Our prayers and love will continue to be poured out for this family.

  3. Rachel and Chris, I wish you could have seen the joy and excitement in the waiting room. It was something out of a movie. Rachel your mom was the rock out there and so fun to see her face light up to show off pictures of her granddaughter. We continue to pray or healing and strength. She is a fighter guys! A true miracle that brought tears to all of us the first time we got to meet her. Happy birthday Audrey!

  4. We have been in constant prayer. So happy to see that precious picture of momma and Audrey. God is good all the time!!!!

  5. Welcome to the world, sweet, precious, LOVED baby girl. You have two incredibly special parents and a whole host of people that love and pray for you. Rachel and Chris, hugs from Kevin and I.

  6. Praying for God’s strength, comfort and healing for all. Believing in miracles for precious baby Audrey.

  7. Look at that precious girl and her beautiful Mommy! Welcome sweet Audrey Claire. We continue to pray for your strength and that God works his hands through the many doctors and nurses caring for your sweet girl. We love you! xo

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