31 Week Appointment

Today I had my 31 week appointment. It still seems a bit crazy that we are into the 30’s…what a journey this has been!

It was busy around the office today, I waited for quite a while. I listened to people chatter. One young mother was on her first pregnancy and was 17 weeks along, she went on and on about the baby’s nursery, going-home outfit and all the many details perfectly planned for her sweet baby.  I so badly wanted to encourage her to slow down.  That all of those things don’t matter really. But of course I didn’t because…well, I was her, not so many months ago. I’m thankful for the perspective I’ve been given. I’m a fast-paced person with a pen ready to check off my to-do’s…at least I was. Now I seem to move a little slower, think a little longer, pray a little harder and squeeze a little tighter making each hug count.

Anyway, I was taken back to have the ultrasound. I had a new sonographer, she wasn’t familiar with our situation and I could tell she was frustrated by how hard it was to get measurements. The more fluid there is, the easier it is to take the measurements…this I have learned. She poked and prodded, sighed and slumped but eventually Audrey positioned herself just right so she could get what she needed.

She finished up and left me to wait for Dr. Stanley.  He came in a while later with his gentle smile…I said my typical, “Happy Tuesday” with a smile.  Today he seemed to see right through that smile.  He knows how I am feeling and it is nice to know I don’t have to make small talk about anything and nothing.  He scanned me a bit slower, not quite as rushed as the sonographer.  Her brain and heart look the same, no significant changes.  Her abdomen remains very growth restricted…it hasn’t grown in several weeks, still measuring about the size of a 25 week old baby.  My amniotic fluid was the lowest it has been yet, today it measured 3.4.  For reference, the lowest we have seen is about a 5.5.  This likely explains why it was even harder than normal to take Audrey’s measurements.  In an otherwise healthy pregnancy, the doctor would most likely take the baby out now.  However, Dr. Stanley feels that with her heart beating and blood pumping well through the umbilical cord, it is best to keep her in.

He gave me a tentative date of June 3 or 4 to deliver at Mercy via C-Section.  However, he feels confident that lasting 6 weeks from today is “pie in the sky”…in other words, not gonna happen.  He thinks we’ll have to deliver sooner but wants something on the books just in case we can make it that far.  I would be 37 weeks and 2 days by then.

Weird.  Six weeks at the most.

I’ll see him again at 4pm next Tuesday, April 29th.

This Week’s Stats:

Rachel’s Weight Gain: 0 pounds

Audrey’s Weight Gain: +4 oz.

Audrey’s Weight: 2lb. 8 oz. (1152g)

Amniotic Fluid: 3.4cm

Head Circumference: 26.21cm (<2.3 percentile)

Abdominal Circumference: 22.05cm (<2.3 percentile)

Overall Size: <10 percentile


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That’s all for now.  I’ll update again soon.

Love and hugs, R


3 thoughts on “31 Week Appointment

  1. Rachel and Chris there simply are no words to adequetly express how I feel about this tradegy. I know God is with you and guiding your decisions. No better teammate than God! You’ve put your trust in him and his decision will reign. Just have faith, no matter the end result, in his decision as it isn’t in his design for us to always understand his decisions while we r on this earth. We love you guys and offer our support however and whenever u need it!!

  2. Thanks for the update and also the first two blogs. We are so proud of the way you are trusting God and doing His will. Your willingness to make the decision you made will serve you well the rest of your life as you have a clear conscious, knowing that you listened to and obeyed God. We hurt right along with you, for Audrey and for you and Chris. We will continue to pray for you and ask God to continue to comfort you and Chris. We are always just a call away, so never hesitate to call us when it is unbearable for you.

    We enjoyed the Easter weekend with family. It is times such as this that we are especially thankful for a loving God.

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